Indian Foundry Journal | Vol. 59 | No. 1 | January 2013

Knowing about Reducing Losses, Increasing Productivity of Casting metals is necessary for the foundry industry.

Region and Chapter News:
• Technical Meeting held by Greater Mumbai Chapter with ASM International on Reducing Losses, Increasing Productivity and Thermochemical Surface Hardening of Steels, by Nagpur Chapter on Cast Structures of Castings, and by Kolkata Chapter on Enhance Your Productivity by Improving Method Design
• Seminar held by Ahmedabad Chapter on Improvements in Quality of Non-Ferrous Castings, and by Greater Mumbai Chapter on Management of MSME Foundries
• Jamshedpur Chapter organised Look East Conference 2012 with theme Present and Future of Indian Foundries
• Foundry Visit by Kolhapur Chapter to GhatgePatil Industries of Unchgaon
• Chapter Day Celebration by Chennai Chapter and Chandigarh Chapter
• Southern Region Celebrated National Energy Conservation Day andSR Formation Day

Technical Papers and Case Study published on:
• Utilization of Simulation by Jörg C. Sturm, ChristofHeisser and Christian Kleeberg
• Cost Deployment in a Refractory Industry by Alvin Thariyath and GukanRajaram
• Ductile Iron Castings Subjected to Austempering Heat Treatment by C. Siddaraju, N. D. Prasanna, and M. K. Muralidhara
• Hypereutectic Aluminium Silicon Alloy by Vikram Patel, Krishna patel, J. L. Juneja and K. Baba Pai
• Understanding Austempered Ductile Iron by S. Gowri
• Cracked Ductile Iron Casting by S. K. Paknikar
• Aluminium Gravity Die-Casting – Oxide Inclusion in Alloy Wheel by Anant Bam

CET held Workshops on – Mechanisation, Layout, Technology, Product-Mix and Quality, Heat Treatment, Cast Iron Melting, Casting Defects and Remedies.

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