Indian Foundry Journal | Vol. 59 | No. 3 | March 2013

IIF is taking initiatives to send across the message about the foundry industry to the youngsters to encourage them to join this basic manufacturing sector which has its beginning dating back to thousands of years ago.

Technical Papers and Case Study published on:
• Fuel/Energy Consumption of LDO–Fired Rotary Furnace by Ratan Kr. Jain and Ranjit Singh
• Casting Defects in Foundry by Tapan Roy
• Production of Flywheel through Simulation by N. Gupta and D. Sujit
• Austempered Ductile Iron by S. Gowri and K. Hayrynen

Special Report on 61st Indian Foundry Congress: Students’ Forum, Cast Source Meet, Industry Speaks, and Valedictory Function

CET held Workshops on –Plant Maintenance and Maintenance in Foundries and Defects of Castings.

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