Library Services

The services provided by F.A.A. Jasdanwalla Library to the members and readers at present include:

  • Maintaining a sizeable collection of books on foundry and related subjects.
  • Hosting an expanding collection of national and international journals on foundry (including bound volumes of back issues).
  • Replying to user's queries made through personal visits, phone, fax and email.
  • Providing a reprographic facility to enable the users to photocopy reference materials on request against payment of necessary charges..

Reaching Out

In order to enable the members and readers to have direct access to the library, a separate email id now caters exclusively to queries pertaining to the same.

An Open Letter by the Chairman, Library Advisory Committee has been sent to all Regions & Chapters requesting members and readers to avail of the services of the library and highlighting its resources which includes among others publications from American Foundry Society (AFS Transactions and others), American Society of Metals (ASM), Transactions of IFC, AFC & WFC, Indian Standards (BIS), IIF Technical Sheets (NCTS), Indian Foundry Directory, Proceedings of Seminars conducted by IIF Regions & Chapters, Publications by CET and other IIF Publications apart from books on Metals, Metallurgy, Materials, Casting, Foundry, Corrosion, Sand etc. as well as more than 50 National and International Journals and CDs on various technical areas pertaining to Foundry and Metalcasting

Publishing list of library's resources in Indian Foundry Journal

F.A.A. Jasdanwalla Library periodically publicizes its resources through the Library Page of the Indian Foundry Journal for the benefit of the foundry fraternity. The contents include Lists of: Technical Papers presented at various International Conferences; Papers published in Transactions of the American Foundry Society; Publications on various Metals, which form part of the resources of the library; Proceedings of Seminars/Conferences & Workshops organized by Regions & Chapters of IIF and New Titles procured for the library among others.