Metal Technologies- Quimmco Joint Venture - Jan 27

Metal Technologies (MTI), an Auburn, Indiana based metal caster has joined hands with Quimmco, a Mexican Industrial Conglomerate for joint ownership and operation of Quimmco’s Blackhawk de Mexico, SA de C.V. (Blackhawk), an iron foundry located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo, Leon Mexico for  serving NAFTA market.

MTI has agreed to acquire 49% of ownership of Blackhawk and Quimmco would make additional investments for expansion of Blackhawk’s manufacturing capability for diversification of its customers and market. Transaction would close shortly.

Metal Technologies headquartered in Auburn with seven manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Tennessee produces grey and ductile iron castings, aluminium castings, tooling and machined parts for the automotive, truck, small gasoline engine, appliance, air conditioning, medical device industry and other markets.