HA and Asco to Set New Standards for Mould Cleaning - Jan 27

Huttenes-Albertus (HA), a leading international manufacturer of chemical products to be used in core and mould making processes in foundries, would cooperate with Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd., a service provider in a wide range of CO2 and dry ice blasting technology, for obtaining a new knowledge regarding the removal of coatings of moulds in order to forward a complete application package containing the gained know-how to the customer.

Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd. is specialised in introducing as well as optimising the Ascojet dry ice blasting system to foundries by offering customised solutions.  In collaboration with foundries, Huttenes-Albertus develops its products for ensuring user-friendly applications.

Huttenes-Albertus is working on a special coating composition for smoothening of porous moulding surfaces. For this, finely to highly-grounded base material is used. Common aim is to provide foundries with high quality coating as well as a perfect complimentary cleaning method.